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Hairstyles For Little Girls


When it comes to weddings, family events or even the first day of school, there are endless hairstyles for little girls – especially since countless films and TV series showcase easy, age-appropriate hairstyles for little girls that appeal to daughters (and sisters) of any age.

Of course, long hair worn naturally is one of the most timeless and popular hairstyles for little girls, since unlike adults’, kids’ hairstyles require less fuss, maintenance or even more than just a blow-dry. Worn with bangs, or even without, long, blunt hairstyles for little girls have maintained momentum throughout the ages – especially since with only a hairband or a barrette, they can be dressed up and polished-looking.

Though some occasions call for something a little dressier, and that’s why a French braid or a high ponytail is often the answer to wedding-appropriate hairstyles for little girls. If she’s the flower girl, you can weave ribbon with the corresponding theme colour into the braid to help tie the dress in with the day’s overall look. And while a braid may seem like a relatively simple hairstyle for a little girl, the embellishments will take it to a black-tie appropriate level.

But day-to-day, there are other updo options when it comes to hairstyles for little girls – and most of them go back several generations for both their functionality and class. Pigtails help keep hair out of the face, but they can also be dressed up with ribbons or hair clips. A fishtail braid, on the other hand, is one of those retro hairstyles for little girls that evoke the “vintage” feeling popular in mainstream culture, while at the same time gives the little girl a hairstyle that’s as fun and unique as she is.

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