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Hairstyles For Fat Faces


It’s hard not to be self-depricating. But if you’re willing to describe yourself as having a fat face, finding hairstyles for fat faces can seem like a daunting task. However, thanks to plus-size stars like Melissa McCarthy and Rosie O’Donnell, it’s possible to find hairstyles for fat faces that are flattering, stylish and everything you need to stay fashion-forward.

Of course, there are certain hairstyles for fat faces that you need avoid altogether. Blunt bangs can make faces seem even wider, while too much layering around the front can also make faces seem fuller and flat.

That said, the best hairstyles for fat faces are those that help add angles and elongate the face: side swept bangs are perfect for adding dimension to hairstyles for fat faces, while side parts work to keep the face from seeming too wide or too round.

However, what’s most important to remember is that when it comes to hairstyles for fat faces, a centre part isn’t necessarily a write-off. True, volume is needed to prevent hair from seeming lifeless, but it’s still possible to flatter your face by keeping your hairstyle centered.

Though don’t feel like you’re limited: short hair works wonderfully when it comes to hairstyles for fat faces, while a sharply angled bob will be both modern and flatting. After all, true beauty lies on the inside – but sometimes it helps to have a hairstyle that makes you feel even better.

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