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Braids For Kids


The first way to keep hair tidy and out of the way is to go with braids for kids. Braids for kids give hair style without requiring too much effort, and if they get ruined after a day on the playground or playing sports, you can re-do them quickly.

The most classic type of braids for kids are pigtails. Since the Victorian era – and even before – little girls’ kept their hair under control with these types of braids for kids, and they’re super easy to execute. All you have to do – because most kids can’t do themselves – is to use a comb to divide hair and create a part. Then, put use an elastic on the existing hair while you make the first braid, and finish with a cute accent hair tie if you want to keep them fun.

You can also opt for a French braid. Braids for kids don’t necessarily need to be pigtails, but you can still create neat, clean-looking braids for kids by styling a tight French braid. To do it yourself, you can check out tutorials online, but even if the version of your French braid is messier, it can channel a kids’ version of the adult style that’s currently dictating red carpets.

Regardless, braids for kids should never be too tight or uncomfortable. Since kids spend their days playing and shouldn’t worry about beauty, the last thing you want is for your child to get headaches from an overly cultivated style. After all – they’re kids! And kids aren’t supposed to be concerned about the way their hair looks.

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