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Black Hair Blonde Highlights


Few things beat contrast, so if it’s safe to say that the combination of black hair blonde highlights create a dramatic look perfected by punk rock superstars and women looking for a dynamic aesthetic.

Of course, black hair blonde highlights can be relatively tricky if you want it to look natural, so if you’re thinking of embracing black hair blonde highlights, you’ll want to utilize a colour specialist who will use more than one shade of blonde to help blend tones together to help create a diverse, multi-dimensional effect.

What’s most important to remember about black hair blonde highlights that despite the notion of light locks worn atop a dark hue, it’s wise to ease into black hair blonde highlights through dark and reddish-blondes so that the contrast isn’t too startling. If you’re willing, you can also add auburn or dark brown colour into your black hair blonde highlights combination – especially since using a mix of shades can help create a rich, luscious look that’s multi-dimensional, modern and interesting.

However, some may argue that a “natural” look would be a disservice to black hair blonde highlights, so if you’re hoping for high contrast, make sure you choose a bright blonde to bring more attention to your dark shade. The most important thing to remember? Stay away from platinum. While black hair blonde highlights will undoubtedly catch the eyes of passerby, the last thing you want is zebra stripes.

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